August Bank Holiday, Carshalton Park

Main Stage

The Main Stage presents a range of rock, pop and other genre. We show-case local and regional talent on this stage which is set in an amazing natural open air amphitheatre in the park.

The Aultones – played in 2016


Nick Higton performing as The Aultones.

He was born in Carshalton and recorded his 14 track debut album “Fear Without Progression” in November 2015 at Abbey Road Studios in just 1 day.

Ordinary Guise – played in 2016


Ordinary Guise was formed in 2001 with a few line up changes over the years
We appear at pubs in Redhill , Sutton, Copthorne and Carshalton.
Our style is difficult to pigdeon hole , but we try to steer away from covers that are normally heard around most pubs on a weekend , and we include a few original songs in our set.

Chris Jewell – played in 2016


A breath of fresh summer air in the singer songwriter/pop genre.

Instantly memorable songs to get any audience on their feet, Chris Jewell is a name to watch!

The Antidote Band – played in 2016


The Antidote Band are a Rock, Pop & Soul fuelled 6-piece band with a get-the-party-started attitude, recreating some of the best music from the 50’s to now….

Kinesis 4 – played in 2016

Kinesis4 Promo pic

A power rock trio from Southampton. They released their debut album ‘SATYAGRAHA’ in 2015, displaying an eclectic mix of harmonic rock with indie, blues and prog.

Chloe Ray – played in 2016


London based Chloe Ray who grew up in Wallington, has just returned from New York City where her latest release “The Waiting Room” was mastered by Grammy nominated Emily Lazar at The Lodge.

Influenced by artists such as Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley, Alanis Morissette, Ani Difranco, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, she found a 12-string guitar and her own unique emotive and spellbinding sound.

Church of Eon – played in 2016


Drawing from the most energetic and powerful moments in rock and roll history, the Church of Eon band offers a new take on alternative rock. Their debut album, ‘All Our Tomorrows’, released in April 2015, is ‘a statement of sweat, toil and passion’. They describe themselves as ‘powerful and passionate, with a touch of melancholy’ and embody ‘a new energy that they believe is a breath of fresh air in today’s music’.

Castro Vs Gastro – played in 2016

Castro vs Gastro photo

An offbeat, entertaining ride through influences that include Scott Walker, Billy MacKenzie, Broadcast, John Barry, New Wave, Krautrock, Ethnic Scando-Folk and alternative Brazilian genres such as Mangue Beat and Tropicalia.

Stone Heroes – played in 2016

sh pipeline all

Stone Heroes are a Local post punk band who playing their own material from their 3 EP’s Just back from The IOW they will be recording their debut album in the latter of this year.

Old Man of the Woods


Atmospheric-prog-grunge, or psychedelic-grunge-prog, or maybe funky grunge with atmospheric sprinklings of progressively psychedelic rock?

With odd timings, big riffs, bass-led progressions and powerful vocals, we like to call it… ‘wood’.